About corinne


 Corinne Lebrun developed her love of the divine as a very young child, learning from nature to listen to the deep voices of her soul. In order to better understand the mystical phenomena she experienced, has studied theoretical physics, anthropology, transpersonal psychology, metaphysics, psychology, and mystical traditions from around the world. These studies allowed her to find balance between the seen and unseen, the rational and magical. Her life’s journey has spanned the pragmatic worlds of organizational development in business, scientific inquiry within academia and spiritual growth within human evolution. 


 Corinne's spiritual quest began as a teenager. Along her journey she has blessed her with expansive states of consciousness, experiences of oneness,  experiences of the kundalini bliss doorways,  paranormal experiences and two life changing kundalini awakenings.  These experiences deeply ignited her curiosity to understand the meta - physics of daily life.  She is exceptionally pragmatic and grounded, yet integrates spiritual wisdom into daily life.  Corinne loves to help others become more empowered on their spiritual journeys through understanding the process which leads to quicker paths of peaceful experiences and expanded states of consciousnesses, all while living "normal" lives in the world.  This curiosity and love love life has inspires her artistic expression in the form of dancing, painting, graphic arts, writing, acting, singing  and music.  She passes on this balance of being able to navigate in the various worlds as a gift, that all people may learn to feel the fullness and magic of being human in a beautiful world. 


 Corinne was featured in the film Awakening the Goddess, a documentary on Kundalini Awakenings and is also the author of "A Handbook for Badass Spiritual Warriors." She has an M.S. in Psychology and her focus area is on Social Psychology how a person’s state of consciousness through meditation affect their perception and interaction with the world and its effects on group dynamics. Her work is also focused on Kundalini Awakenings and how it impacts the positive social evolution of humanity. She is a Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher (as taught by Yogi Bhajan) and uses these skills to help balance and ignite their ability to walk in the world, while reaching inner and outer dimensions. She is also a Management Consultant who has supported her spiritual and creative endeavors with her expertise in the business world.