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What is Kundalini?

What is a Kundalini Awakening?

How Do I Find Help?

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Kundalini The Superhighway to Spiritual Evolution

 You are not alone! And you are not crazy either. Kundalini Awakenings area real phenomena that leave many people many emotions of elation of the gifts of expanded consciousness, confusion as to what to expect next, fear you might be crazy or alone, or even a sense of strange elitism. Getting information that is helpful can be challenging.  

What is a Kundalini Awakening? 

Kundalini Awakenings can be gradual or sudden. When they are sudden they can have a disruptive effect on a persons life. Once this energy begins to flow, people report exponential increases in energy sensitivity, mystical experiences, psychic phenomena, and feelings of connectedness to other sentient beings. 


What is Kundalini?

Kundalini is a force discussed throughout history and is described in ancient traditions in many ways. Its presence in consciousness has been sought by saints, sages, mystics and spiritual seekers throughout history. It is also knows as chi, prana, the holy spirit, and simply "energy."  It is the biological basis of all spiritual experiences and the force driving the evolution of humanity. The amount of people who experience sudden mystical experiences of consciousness expansion, activation and sensations of energy have increased exponentially. Together with a group of modern world yogis, mystics, scientists and truth seekers we hope to help you understand your journey. 


How can I find help?

Finding resources that provide real results can be challenging. Since Kundalini energy has not been well understood there is a great deal of misinformation, and a lot of guesswork that unfortunately stalls the process.  Here we offer resources that are carefully selected without the constraints of any religion, dogma, or new age philosophy. 

Can Kundalini Yoga help me? 

Kundalini Yoga (taught by Yogi Bhajan) is a tool that is meant to gradually awaken kundalini and gracefully expand consciousness.  It is also an excellent system that will help to balance active kundalini energy, help you release self-defeating patterns with ease, and provide a grounded and and yet expanded window of consciousness. So, yes, it can help you! 



exceptional free RESOURCES


Emerging Science Foundation


This non-profit’s vision is to awaken humanity’s dormant evolutionary potential. Their mission states: Through our research initiatives, we challenge the scientific and cultural status quo related to spiritual awakening. Our outreach and training programs inspire spiritual practitioners and experiencers to share knowledge and achieve higher states of consciousness in a healthy way. Our educational initiatives make the wider public aware of Kundalini, the evolutionary mechanism. 


Is a data driven spiritual tracking system utilized by the Emerging Sciences Foundation.  There you will find an online community, practice guides, and also have the option to participate in the latest research studies.  These resources are currently free.

Institute for Conscious Research

 For more than 30 years, members of the  Institute for Consciousness Research (ICR) have worked tirelessly to raise awareness about Kundalini - a discovery that could be the most important scientific breakthrough of our time. What is Kundalini? The rediscovery of a hidden but powerful mechanism that is helping us solve the riddle of consciousness.


The Golden Flower Meditation

J.J. Samples approach to the The Golden Flower Meditation. " 

A man's spiritual consciousness is not awakened," said Sri Ramakrishna, "unless his Kundalini is aroused." Kundalini is the vehicle for superior health and greater consciousness; it is the ultimate principle of spiritual development. This has been known for centuries. The challenge has always been to find a safe method for Kundalini activation. Up to now there hasn't been one. Gopi Krishna recognized this when he declared that we have yet to discover, "...the safest method for awakening Kundalini.” 

Workshops by Teri Degler

 In Teri’s hands-on workshops you’ll explore the divine feminine as the cosmic creative force of the universe – and discover that she is also the cosmic creative force within you. You’ll delve into the myths and sacred stories where she – known as Shakti, Sophia, and Shekinah – is revealed to be the source of personal transformation and spiritual growth