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  Are you a badass spiritual warrior? If you are willing to walk the extra mile to bring a sense of the divine purpose to your life, then give yourself some credit. You’re a badass! It’s not easy!The good news is that you don’t have to choose between living a full life and feeling connected to your spiritual gifts. You can be a badass spiritual warrior and successfully do both. Sometimes all you need is the right tool to quickly expand or re-ignite your magical connection, and remember who you are. This handbook will give you concrete and pragmatic tools to use, that are designed for busy people. These powerful methods of accessing spiritual connection are developed from time-proven spiritual practices, powerful personal insights, and scientific inquiry. This handbook is a valuable resource for anyone passionate about living an integral human life in this world, while fully accessing all the gifts in the realm of the spirit. Read it front to back, or let it fall open to a page, put it by your bedside, keep it in your car, or download it to your phone. 

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Everything you want to know about Kundalini Awakenings.  

Are you ready for a rich and rewarding transformative personal experience?   

If you have experienced a Kundalini Awakening, or want to experience a Kundalini Awakening, this course is for you!

Now that your Kundalini is Awake, now what? Electric sensations, expanded states of consciousness, psychic abilities, and yet emotional instability are very common. How do you go to work everyday? Will you go back to being ordinary? Will you become superhuman? How do you treat a client who has had a Kundalini Awakening? What is a Kundalini Awakening in various traditions?

Get these questions answered and join a community of like minded people and become a Badass Spiritual Warrior!

This is not like any other course on Kundalini Awakenings. This is course can give you answers based on traditional practice, academic research and personal stories. This course will give you the tools to see real results, and the ability to help others through their process as well. With this course you can advance exponentially or just learn the basics and come back to the course later to integrate more information. Its up to you! 

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positive affirmation products


Jewelry and Wall Art for your Positive Affirmations

I created my store Love Life Products to offer everyone the jewelry and wall decorations that I have found useful on my journey.  You'll find my favorite charm that says "love", and other positive affirmations you can have as a reminder like hope, creativity, joy and even expect miracles. 

Take your 15% off as a thank you for helping me do what I love most in the world.  Your coupon code on checkout will be love-WDB.  Have a magical day !

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private sessions

Contact me at wilddivinebliss at to schedule an appointment.

Private sessions help clients learn more about the Kundalini Awakening process and how to develop practices and activities that empower their unfolding. These sessions often are taken along with a specific curriculum. This educates, as well as provides emotional support. 

The approach is to helping clients discover their own unique path that is the most empowering and rewarding and easily integrates into their lifestyle.  This type of coaching requires dedication and commitment in-order to make time for the practices which will impact you both spiritually but help you discover the habits and make the habits a part of your life that will give you the type of spiritual connection you seek, while being a participant and contributor to all living beings.  

My approach to helping people on the path, is to assign homework and practices that will help you anchor positive behavior and empower you on your path.  Spiritual connection requires diligence, and you will feel empowered by your path, and never a victim to it. All of my students are given a digital copy of my book, "A Handbook for Badass Spirtitual Warriors." to help them in their growth.

Fees are on a sliding scale of $60 to $125 per hour.  Paypal, MC, VISA